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Kara & Bill Rosenberg's Party

Copyright Notice:

This video is a gift from Francis and Ann Estrand-Cartier to Bill and Kara. It is forbidden to shared it on any social network and other websites due to the copyright owned from the music owners, singers and musicians as well as Rolling Slate Films visuals (photos and videos) and finally to the privacy rights of the people in the video.

This web page is installed only as a gift for Kara and Bill, enjoy it, keep it on this site, and for your own entertainment, buy the music from:

With a Little Help from my Friends


Kara and Bill invited their friends to celebrate: Bill's birthday, Kara's graduation and their wedding anniversary.

They shared this happy day with lot of their friends. Bill and Kara played two versions the song by Ringo Staar and Sergio Mendes: With a Little Help from My Friends.

If you have any questions and comments, contact Francis.

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